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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player
Name: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player
Spiel: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
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To celebrate the 16th anniversary of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on May 28th, 2019, we have invited the Wolfenstein community to watch the live reveal trailer of our next project: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player, a free expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
Back in 2002, less than a year after Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released, an expansion pack called Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was announced for the game, developed by Splash Damage. Initially intended to be a single-player and multiplayer add-on for the original game, the single-player component was ultimately scrapped, publisher Activision stating that it was not as good as the campaign of the original game. Amputated of its single-player campaign, the add-on was renamed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and released for free on May 28, 2003.

Even if Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a worldwide success upon release, over the years Wolfenstein fans have come to wonder what the deleted single-player campaign of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was supposed to be like. Some even dreamed to play it. Some have tried to convert the maps of the game from multiplayer to single-player maps, with no success. We have tried that too, with the map called Würzburg Radar, which we released a part of as a single-player/cooperative survival mission for the Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Cooperative Gameplay mod, back in November 2018, as part of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein 17th Anniversary celebration.

Putting it simply, in almost two decades, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory never received its single-player iteration. That's why we initiated the development of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player, our take on what should have been the single-player campaign of the game.

With Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player, we are aiming to bring the missing chapter of the series to life. To do so, we've been searching and examining old news articles from 2002, very early screenshots of the game... to find clues regarding the single-player campaign of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. And we did, thanks to IGN, who got to see a pre-alpha version of it a night of November 2002. So, before we talk about our single-player campaign, let's talk about how the original -scrapped- one was going to be.

The deleted single-player campaign of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was in fact a team-based one, what the developers called back then a "squad-based single-player campaign" - where you played alongside AIs, similarly to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for example.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player - Official Reveal Trailer


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