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Gambitious Digital Entertainment
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We are here to create & foster a sustainable ecosystem for the continued creation and publishing of great games from independent developers worldwide.
Launched in 2012, Gambitious BV is the first global crowd-financing platform exclusively for games. With a mission to create and foster a sustainable ecosystem for independent game creation and publishing, Gambitious utilizes its evolving set of creative crowd financing tools and techniques to get more great game titles funded, produced, and successfully released.

The company’s publishing label, Gambitious Digital Entertainment, was created in 2014 to offer professional, developer-friendly production, marketing, and distribution services in order to ensure a timely return to investors and developers on the projects.

Gambitious has successfully established partnerships and released its titles on Steam, XB1, PS4, Sony Vita, GoG, Humble, and the Mac App Store as well as a number of emerging global digital distributors.

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